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Ketogentic DietFor Ultimate Weight Loss - Lose Belly Fat Fast! A diet that is high in fats, sufficient in proteins and low in carbs is known as the ketogenic diet. This began as a way to treat children who have refractory epilepsy, but it has also emerged as a way for adults to lose weight. This diet makes the body consume fat instead of carbohydrates. In a normal diet, the body converts carbs from food into glucose and then sends it throughout the body, where it is very important for brain function. However, when a diet has almost no carbs, the liver turns fat into ketone bodies and fatty acids.The ketone bodies move into the brain and provide energy in the place of glucose.Low carb diets tend to eliminate this visceral fat, leading to lower level of type 2 diabetes and cardiac disease. Finally, low carb diets tend to lower blood pressure, eliminating the problems that come from ...
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