Anne Carmichael
ASIN: B00N05H5R8
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 122

In this, Book Three of the MAGOO WHO SERIES, we return you to Philadelphia where Goo’s mate, Olivia, struggles to care for their three little toms, Booker, Deuce and Finley, as well as her deaf sister, Abigail.On days when Olivia’s responsibilities threaten to overwhelm her, Abigail keeps her silent vigil over her mischievous nephews.Olivia has always suspected that her sister possesses powers far beyond the heightened senses of the deaf. Now, the boys are beginning to question how it is that Aunt Abigail always seems to know their whereabouts. When their pranks rage out of control, she shows up to reel them in. When they are in danger, she appears as if by magic to save the day. Come with us now to discover the secrets that Abigail has long kept hidden from everyone.
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