Andrew Robbins
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 194

Don’t drink the milk.Perpetua’s life is a comfortable blur of math homework and piano practice until she finds those four words scrawled across her stomach in ink. When she obeys them, her quiet, secluded life becomes a tangle of suppressed memories and shocking revelations. The room she inhabits at La Fontaine, a crumbling mansion in the Everglades, begins to resemble a jail cell, and her caretaker, a deranged woman known only as Mother, her captor.Mother and Perpetua are not the only inhabitants of La Fontaine. Perpetua hears eerie cries rising through the plumbing, and catches glimpses of half-human, half-machine creatures lurking in the shadows. Thankfully, a boy Perpetua’s age lives at La Fontaine as well. Michael is eager to share the house’s history and rekindle a relationship that Perpetua longs to remember. Together, they plan their escape.Departing La Fontaine means ...
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