Karol Gajda
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 35

Warning! This book has no happy ending.You've seen all the books teaching you how to make money in your underwear at home in the iPhone or Android apps business. But you know what those books are missing?The truth. Reality. That's what I'm giving you in this short 7,500 word book.The reality is you're more likely to be like me. A mobile app business failure.But it doesn't have to be that way. If you follow the simple lessons I learned the hard way you'll be far more likely to be a success than a failure. I can almost guarantee it because my plan calls for not spending any money before you've made money. - How can you be sure your app will make money before you've launched? (I lay that out in Lessons #3 and #4)- Why is a mentor important and how do you find one for yourself? (Lesson #7)- Should you spend money on outsourcing or learn to develop apps yourself? (Lesson #5)- How do you fund ...
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