Sarah Sullinger
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 86

How to Make Minimalist Paleo Food This Guide Will Help You:• Prepare everyday meals for your Paleo diet. • Learn how to cook the perfect steak and roast chicken without relying on recipes • Tweak these versatile recipes for variety on your Paleo diet Here are some of the easy Paleo recipes that you’ll find in this book:Ultimate Rib Eye SteakSirloin Peppercorn SteakPoached CauliflowerPoached AsparagusKale ChipsMacadamia Nut Seasoned Baked Snap PeasStir-fried Napa CabbageBacon-wrapped AsparagusBrussel Sprouts with PancettaStir-fried Crimini MushroomsBasic Berry Orange and Ginger SaladOver Easy EggsChili and Lime ShrimpSichuan Stir-fried ShrimpBroiled Sesame Flank SteakLemon Baked TilapiaSeared Tilapia FilletBaked Tilapia and Plum TomatoesGrilled Honey Pork TenderloinBaked Italian Pork TenderloinBacon-Wrapped Marinated Roasted Pork TenderloinSpicy Italian Grilled Lamb ChopsBaked Lamb ...
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