Norma Huss
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 194

The ghost won’t go away.When she was little, Kayla thought the ghost was a woman.Now she knows. She’s a teen, just about Kayla’s age. But she always wears the same weird clothes: pleated skirt, ankle socks, saddle shoes.The ghost won’t go away, but when they touch hands, it’s Kayla who disappears. Into 1946. Into another life. Into Cherish, a girl who thinks a cell phone is a compact with face powder inside if she can only open it up.Her cell phone is Kayla’s lifeline. Can she reach her friends in the twenty-first century? Dani, her very best friend. Andrew who lives in the next block.And Ross. OMG! Who is going on her very first date with Ross? Is Cherish taking her place?Read Cherish today.
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