Andrew Knighton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 38

What if someone had conquered the Vikings, someone claiming to be their gods?What if King Arthur's knights met a very different metal-clad warrior?What if you were ordered to execute a statue, and hanging just didn't seem to work?These short stories explore different aspects of history, some of them grounded in reality, some alternative takes on the past as we know it. Stories of daring and defiance; of love and of loss; of noble lords and exasperated peasants.This short collection contains five stories:Holy Water – a pair of medieval peasants struggle with faith and futility as they try to execute a statue.Farewell to a Foreign Shore – a Viking sets sail from the raiding lands.Odin’s Mirror – Vikings face the image of the divine in an alternative Dark Ages.From the Sea – a messenger is plagued by visions on his run from Marathon.Sir Cai, the Shining Knight – an Arthurian ...
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