Samantha Price
ASIN: B00N62X2R2
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Pages: 122

A group of Amish widows who will surprise you, interest you, and even make you laugh.Newly widowed Amish woman, Emma Kurtzler, has little time to grieve before she discovers that someone is trying to force her from her farm. The man who had the lease on her farm is found murdered shortly after informing Emma of his intention to break the lease. In an effort to both save her farm and avoid becoming a suspect in the man's murder, Emma sets out to get to the bottom of things. Emma befriends a group of Amish Widows and quickly discovers that there is more to these sweet Amish ladies than meets the eye when they willingly help her with her investigations. In the midst of Emma's troubles she is drawn to Wil Jacobson, a friendly neighbour, but can she trust this man who is trying his best to win her heart?All books in the series:Hidden Book 2Accused Book 3 Amish Regrets Book 4Amish House of ...
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