Gary Brumback
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

This book is about the warring and spying habits of America’s regimes; the long history of those habits, what explains them, what their consequences are, how they can be broken, and what awaits America and the world if they are not broken. Chapter1 traces the unbroken history of the two habits. Chapter 2 documents their costs and consequences. It is an appalling account of the damage and death America’s warriors-in-chiefs and spy chiefs have unceasingly caused America and elsewhere on the globe. Chapter 3 explains the two habits. You will read there about the “black boxes” and “badvantages” that explain the dark side of human behavior in general and the warring and spying habits of the current U.S. president and his predecessor in particular. Chapter 4 examines the war and spy bureaucracy of the U.S. government. There we will look into the public officialdom of the two ...
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