Barbara Pietron
ASIN: B00N6S3Z14
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 127

When sixteen-year-old Ice is visited by an evil spirit, his medicine man training warns him that things aren't right in his quiet Northern Minnesota town. His suspicions prove true when he's attacked by a Windigo--a human turned monster by a compulsive hunger for human flesh--and he soon discovers that a bad medicine charm is being used to spread the Windigo curse. The hunt is on to find the charm and the person using it before the town is overrun by cannibalistic monsters. Although the pieces of the puzzle come together to form an impossible conclusion, one which will challenge traditional belief and question numerous ritualistic items, Ice knows he must still reveal the truth. Because there are worse monsters than Windigos.In this fictional story of Native American mythology, male protagonist Ice races to learn the truth and protect local citizens from the Windigo.Heart of Ice is a ...
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