Gary Close
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 461

"WOW! JUST WOW! Very well written and so very hard to put down." -- Amazon reviews Cho Tsing: a young Chinese intelligence analyst with a murderous compulsion he cannot control. John Weir: security chief of a top-secret facility the mission of which he discovers is too horrible to contemplate. Mordecai Binford: a local prosecutor who won’t look the other way. As each uncovers an underlying extraterrestrial agenda each must confront the evil created by its ever-growing influence. And each must confront the pervasive governmental complicity in the alien entity’s agenda. For Cho Tsing, haunted by his own dark desires, perhaps redemption awaits as he hunts down the source of his compulsions. For John Weir the lives of his wife and children hang in the balance—can he save them? For Mordecai Binford, personal and professional survival bleeds out on the floor of a county court room – will he ...
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