Lashea Taylor
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 38

Four dogs, who are also the closest of friends, Chester, Amigo, Barnaby and Amber are of the adventurous type. They simply love going on expeditions to explore new places with each other. They're always careful with where they go and are certain to stay in their neighbourhood.But, one day, their explorer senses get a little too excited at an opportunity which soon becomes an expedition gone wrong. Although it had been an innocent mistake, it had some serious consequences. How were they going to get back home from the last place they expected to find themselves in? How were they going to escape when there was no way out?Note: The book also contains a glossary section to help improve the vocabulary of the young readers.Tags: preschool, ages 6-8, adventure, children's, ages 4-8, kids, dogs, story books, bedtime, second grade, third grade, first grade, kindergarten, dogs, Beagle, Husky ...
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