Mark Cusco Ailes
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 208

Mark Cusco Ailes and Derek Ailes are back with a new anthology of horror madness. Reminiscent of Stephen King, this compilation of short stories is enjoyable and at times spooky/scary. I read this book when I was home alone and every little noise I heard made me on edge and a little jumpy. 21 brand new chilling tales to take you over the edge. The Ailes Brothers of Terror bring you killer dolls, a real zombie outbreak during a zombie convention, a catfurnado, an alien invasion, misfortune cookies, demons, mega sinkholes, drones, executioners and more. The nightmare doesn't stop when the Ailes Brothers take you on a thrill ride of terror.CATFURNADO is a collection of horror stories that takes the reader on a new genre high that lingers and tingles long after the lights are out! Penned by authors Derek Ailes and Mark Cusco Ailes, each story is crafted with a literary finesse rarely seen ...
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