Linda B. Myers
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 212

If you think old folks at the home are sitting on the porch, listening to the ball game and downing lemonade, then meet retired P.I. Bear Jacobs, his eWatson Lily Gilbert, and the rest of the quirky residents at Jessica’s Adult Care Home. Yes, they are infirm. Yes, they gripe. But all the while, they’re solving crimes and dodging bullets. They’re tough, they’re engaged and, judging by the enemies they make, they stand mighty tall on their canes, walkers and wheels. In Bear in Mind, the first of the PI Bear Jacobs series, the residents investigate the case of Charlie’s missing wife. At first they think she’s a heart breaking bitch who abandons her hubby. But Bear learns that women in the community are disappearing at an alarming rate … and to no place good. Is a madman attacking older women, a la the Boston Strangler? Are body parts being stolen? Is a local crematory ...
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