Richard Jones
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 67

Angels have looked down from heaven and someone up there decided it’s time for an intervention. The state of how things are compared to how they could be is too great to ignore. This is true both for the world as a whole and for most individuals as well. And the way to make things better for the world as a whole, they agreed, is to make things better for individuals, one at a time.So, they sent one of their own to intervene, one person at a time. His name is Talimor. It’s going to take too long to get to everyone, so Talimor authorized this book for everyone else. It is Talimor’s “fix it” manual for the human race.By the end of this short book, your life will have been upended, in a good way. This is not about getting you to an emotional, motivational high for a short time. This is about real and immediate life change. Not just small improvements, but a completely new life ...
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