Alynda Carroll
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 145

Household Hacks is a collection of more than 200 cleaning tips, tricks, and household hacks for all areas of the home with an emphasis on using natural, inexpensive cleaners and strategies.Natural cleaning strategies have been around for a long time, but others are focused on the way we live today. The advantages are many.Save money, time, and energy. You'll discover how to become more effective at housecleaning by using tips and strategies that will free up your time.You'll find information about well-seasoned natural cleaners that have been helping people clean for generations and understand why they are gaining popularity today.You'll discover cleaning strategies and hacks for various rooms including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, as well as the home office. You'll even find creative living hacks to make home life easier.Natural Cleaners include Hydrogen Peroxide, Vinegar ...
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