Brent Danis
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 55

If you have made it to this description it's most likely due to four words from the cover—TRAVEL- GET PAID- PARTY. The word ‘teach’ is interesting, but it is the teaching that is the vessel for you to achieve the other three. It may have been the palm trees that caught your eye as well. It's amazing how one tree can bring out such a range of emotions in us: TRAVEL-ADVENTURE-PARTY-PEACE-RELAXATION, just to name a few. I want to tell you though that there is much more to be gained from working/teaching/living abroad. You build friendships with a unique bond that can only be created through living in a foreign country together. You become connected to the world in a way you never thought possible; your senses become exposed to new adventures you never dreamed of. I hope this book peaks a sense of ADVENTURE and gets your brain thinking about something you never thought of before. I ...
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