Leanne Perry
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 68

About Low-Fat SnacksSeeing the title of this book can be a relief to some and an annoyance to others. For one group of people, finding snacks that are low in fat while not compromising on taste is an extremely difficult task. For another group, it can be an annoying attack on all those snacks that we’ve come to love over the years. Although this book may be targeted to that first group of people, I’m hoping that after seeing the delicious looking snack on the cover, I might be able to swing a couple of people from that second group over. Snacking is a regular part of almost everyone’s day already and many people often snack more than once per day. The fact that snacking is such an important part of almost everyone’s daily routine means that what may initially seem like a handful or a very small serving of a particular snack can turn into a pretty significant boost or anchor on ...
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