Rachel Rofe
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 85

If you'd like to enhance the quality of your life by using easy-to-use resources, this book is for you.You see - there are many incredible resources out there.The problem is, it can be HARD to wade through all the information online and figure out what to use and what can really help YOU.That’s why this book was created. In the coming pages, you’ll learn about 20+ incredible tools, how to make the most from them, and the best practices for them.You’re going to learn about all kinds of life-enhancing tools, like:- How to block yourself from time-wasting sites for free- How to double your productivity for free- How to keep your email inbox as empty as possible for free- How to answer your emails 10x faster — for free- How to find common ground with anyone you meet for free…and a lot more. There are 23 resources in total in this book. Many are free, and the paid ones are all ...
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