Noel Johnson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 96

LEARN ASTRONOMY : Astronomy crash course for kids and parents. A star gazing fast learn quiz game. The moon, the planets, the solar system, constellations, the milky way, nebulae, black holes and much more. Gazing at the night sky will take on a new meaning.Learn the basics from beginner level to early intermediate.Where is the sea of tranquillity? Where is the crater Copernicus and how do you find it? How many moons has Mars?101 questions and answers put together to learn basic astronomy fast. The 101 questions are "memory test" repeated, with explanations, the most effective way to increase a player's knowledge of the stars, planets, space and astronomy in the fastest time.A quiz game for mums, dads, kids, friends and all the family to enjoy, or just for those who are fascinated by gazing up and seeing the wonders of the night sky.Beginner level to early intermediate.
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