Mark J Musser
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 136

Ready to Build a Lasting Legacy into Your Family?Being a Christian parent in today's world is no easy task. It seems everything in the culture is set against raising kids that honor God, stand for truth, and impact the world for Christ. This creates fear and doubt. We wonder if we are doing the right things as parents...and even wonder what the rights things are! If that is you, then be encouraged! God is on the throne, and all things are possible with Him! He is with you each step of the way. Everything you need, He can (and will) provide!We know that the choices we make as parents today will affect our children's choices tomorrow. How we live day to day will shape how our children make entertainment choices, whether or not they cultivate a life of prayer, how much they invest in God's Word, their attitude toward church, if they develop a servant's heart, and what kind of parent they ...
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