Shaun Harbinger
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 220

What do you do when there are a thousand zombies between you and the one you love?Alex Harley wasn’t cut out to be a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. And now he may have made a fatal mistake. Going ashore to find news of his brother and parents, Alex is attacked by feral survivors. When he gets back to the harbor, he finds his boat…and Lucy…gone.Stranded on the mainland, alone and vulnerable, he seeks shelter from the shambling zombies and the roaming army patrols. He meets a group of survivors who seem to be on a mission. They have foud a way to get a message to the survivors in the camps. Alex joins them, intent on getting a message to Lucy if she is still alive.But like every mission, this one could be deadly. It means the group must move inland and stay alive long enough to achieve their objective.With power-hungry soldiers and flesh-craving zombies everywhere, that isn’t ...
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