Adam Houge
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 77

For God so loved you, that He gave His only begotten Son. Jesus having been given up by the Father for your sake never complained, never lost heart, and never stopped loving. He knew the Father’s will and chose to embrace it. You are His passion and the reason He gave everything up. He was whipped beaten, hated, ridiculed, mocked, scourged, and murdered to save you. But He chose to do it because nothing could mean more to Him than you. Heaven’s throne is where He came from and Heaven’s throne is where He returned.Before He came Jesus was Lord reigning on Heaven’s throne. But He chose to give it all up for the joy set before Him. Do you realize what this was? What did Jesus gain through the cross? You.You were the joy set before Him, and nothing else could mean more to Him than to love you and have you as his own. There is nothing in heaven or on earth that could ever separate ...
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