Yasir Chohan
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 56

Honey MiraclesAfter reading this book, readers will come to know about the different facts about honey, its types, uses and different recipes for using honey as your daily diet. Which type of honey is best for you? There are different types of honey available in the market from different sources. You can make your pick according to your taste and purposes. Some honeys are best for culinary purposes while others are better for therapeutic purposes. To get the best type of honey suited to your needs, you should read this book. You will get to know about the different sources that honey can be obtained from and what are the different uses of those different types of honey. Different Health uses of honey:The importance of honey cannot be denied. From the historical days, it is used to treat different diseases. This eBook will guide you regarding the different diseases that honey can treat ...
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