JA Ehle
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Pages: 66

On a farm, in central Iowa, two 11 year old boys were bent on revenge...We found an old Folgers Coffee can filled with odd sized bolts and nuts. This was promptly emptied into another can.We had our smoker.I found a small oily rag, and after searching in the drawers for safety matches….every out building on farms in those days had safety matches… we proceeded to test our improvised smoker and struck a flame to the ragSteve lit the match and I dangled the rag by the corner. The lower part of the rag flamed for a second and I dropped it into the can.We stood over the can looking at the progress of the smoldering rag…..Not much was happening with the smoke generation.Well, both of us knew from lighting camp fires that a little short, soft breath blowing on the flame always helped get the fire going. We both leaned down and started to blow gently on the rag in the can.Suddenly, there ...
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