Liam Roth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 268

Cliffhanging, action packed, and disturbing! This is a neat take on the viral/zombie apocalypse. This story is filled with interesting characters that run the gambit from well prepared bad ass to cowardly 'wrong-place-wrong-time' sidekicks.- Jett CatI really enjoyed reading this story, good characters and a fast pace keep my interest all the way through this book. A most enjoyable read.- Jon V. Theisen "Vagabond"Don't eat the soup! Interesting perspective on zombies, well worth reading. Looking forward to a long series.- Edward FoxOn a seemingly normal evening, Michael Fuller and his work colleague, Johnny Chen, enjoy a rare Chinese meal together — “Dragon, Tiger, Phoenix soup.” It’s supposed to help Fuller fight off a cold, but what happens next could spark a pandemic never before seen.Just days after Fuller discovers Johnny Chen has been infected with a mysterious illness, he ...
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