John Hardy Bell
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 82

He killed twenty-seven people. She brought his horrific reign of terror to an end. Now, he wants the world to know his story. And hers...Daniel Sykes was a pathologically-twisted menace who preyed on innocent women. His horrendous crimes went unchecked for four years before FBI profiler Camille Grisham finally caught him. In the stories that followed, she was labeled a hero. In her own mind, she was anything but.The events of that day traumatized Camille in ways the world never knew. And while resigning from the Bureau has done little to ease the pain, she has taken comfort in knowing that she will never have to share that pain with the world.Then she meets a true-crime reporter named Jacob Deaver, and the trauma she hoped to keep hidden suddenly becomes all-too-public.The unforeseen turn that follows will thrust Camille into the harrowing wilderness of the past while revealing a ...
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