Sheldon D. Newton
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 33

YOU CAN HEAR FROM GOD & KNOW ITDO YOU NEED A WORD FROM GOD CONCERNING SOME SITUATION YOU ARE FACING? Maybe you need a word concerning your life, your family, or a decision you need to make. If that is you, then here is your answer. In this powerful and timely little book, you will learn:. how to know when God is speaking to you.. how to prepare yourself to hear the Voice of God better and clearer.. the different ways God speaks to every person.. how to discern God's Voice from all of the other voices trying to speak to you.. how to avoid deception and error.. how to know when a prophetic word is from the Lord & when it is not.Don't waste another minute wondering if God is speaking to you, and how you can know for sure. Get you hands on this powerful guide and experience a walk with God that will literally change your life forever.Scroll up and grab a copy today.
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