Anthony S Cameron
Publisher: Anthony S Cameron
Pages: 272

A man at an emotional crossroads re-lives pivotal moments in his life whilst collecting driftwood on a Thai beach. We move from the backstage of a theatre to a public hospital, from blissful moments of parental joy to staring down the barrel of losing it all.“Driftwood” is six stories of his past that intertwine as he stumbles along the beach: lost, bewildered, crying like a baby, grinning wildly and hoping that he will wake up at last.The stories thread through each other and create a tapestry of missed opportunities for him to reflect on. From early childhood traumas, to his relationship woes, through to his experiences as a performing arts worker, the reader is propelled towards his inevitable breakdown, or as he calls it, breakthrough. From his stir-crazy hospital ramblings, where at 24 he faces losing his arm, to his early gentle fatherhood moments, the magic just below the ...
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