Michael James Fitzgerald
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 344

A Girl. A Death Threat. And the Horse that Changed Her World.Fourteen-year-old Andi McCall lives in a Chicago high rise with a preoccupied father and mother struggling with a cocaine addiction. Andi leads a lonely, dull life until a drug dealer nearly takes it from her. With a little convincing from Ben, Andi decides to play it safe and spend the summer on her grandfather's ranch in northern Nevada.The evening she arrives, Andi meets a beautiful Quarter Horse named King's Jubilation. Orphaned as a colt, he became an unbreakable stallion. But when a life-threatening illness subdues the proud horse, Jubi learns to accept Andi's gentle touch and the pair are soon friends. Together with Jubi Andi discovers that she is more gifted than she ever dreamed, with a secret past beyond her imagination.
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