L. Sydney Fisher
Publisher: Legacy Books Unlimited, Inc.
Pages: 236

A #1 AMAZON BESTSELLER inspired by True Events!In the afterlife, the spirit of a murdered woman does not rest until her story is told.On December 21, 1974, Liz Bradford was murdered in the front parking lot of the prestigious Rex Plaza located in Elvis Presley's hometown of Tupelo, Mississippi.  Her husband, Devon Bradford was also involved in the shooting and transported to North Mississippi Medical Center where he underwent surgery and first crossed Natalie Houston's path.  She was his operating room nurse and had no idea that within three years she would be married to the man charged with murdering his wife.   A few months later, Natalie Houston finds herself crossing Devon Bradford's path again when she meets him at the same location of his wife's shooting.  Devon charms Natalie and she becomes enchanted by his promises of a fairytale life.  Convinced of Devon's innocence ...
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