Ed Manske
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 71

This book Is a collection of some of the best, quick and easy famous selling skills quotations you'll find anywhere. By reading, studying and embracing these words of wisdom, you can use them to give yourself daily education, motivation and affirmation. These are fantastic quotes from world renowned salespeople, athletes, poets, philosophers, authors, corporate leaders, motivation experts, statesmen, industrialists, artists, politicians, public speakers and writers.The author, Ed Manske, drawing on his 30+ years of sales experience and championship sales training, has infused each chapter with his unique take on current Internet Marketing Selling techniques. He expands on each quote to provide you with a complete insight into the meaning and application of each saying. Use them as your inspirational quotes of the day, week or month and add them to your arsenal of selling skills tools. ...
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