John Choisser
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 85

Do You Know When to Say" Me, Myself, or I"?Every day, we hear things like "Myself and Fred went to the game" or "Me and Joe sold the tickets". Or "Please join my wife and myself for dinner". Yikes. Confusion over the words "I" and "me" usually result in the horrible misuse of the word "myself". It's not that hard! Get it right! Don't sound uneducated in an interview! Or on the air! News broadcasters with millions of viewers get it wrong all the time. In this Grandpa book, he helps the grandkids learn some easy-to-remember tips for these and other common Grammar Demons. "Lie" and "Lay"? "Who" and "Whom"? All these and more Grammar Demons are covered, along with simple quizzes and answers.
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