Casey Clover
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 70

A funny kids' chapter book about Halloween... Halloween CANDY, that is.Something strange is happening to the residents of Kittytown during the month of October -- strange and DUMB, according to town inventor Pink Kitty. Everyone is obsessed with a Halloween candy that has gone missing - the fabled "Meowy Moon Halloween Milky Cremes," which have been missing from stores for years.With the help of her inventor skills and her friends, Pink Kitty devises a crazy solution that is as creative as it is funny. Join inventor Pink Kitty, adventurous eater Sharky, witch-kitty Orange Kitty, and resourceful baker Mew Mew as they meet an unusual thief, eat lots of delicious (and experimental) food, and solve the Meowy Creme Mystery.This is a funny Halloween candy caper best for K - 6th grade... (and maybe their parents.)
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