Terry M. West
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 54

Tommy Summers is an aspiring author in Lake Worth, Texas. As he searches for inspiration one snowy winter morning, Stan Whitley, a neighbor and ill-tempered hermit, pounds desperately at Tommy's door. It seems that Stan has caught something very peculiar in a bear trap, and before Tommy knows it, he is dealing with a demonic creature of legend! This story is just one of the dark tales featured in West's critically-acclaimed collection, WHAT PRICE GORY. The Hermit's Creepy Pet is part of the Single Shot Short Story series which adds exclusive story notes and bonus content that you can only find in the Single Shot Story Series. What people have said about the collection, WHAT PRICE GORY?: "A Horror Library MUST HAVE... Deliciously Good Story Telling!"-Heather Omen, DIGITAL MACABRE "Terry M. West understands horror. He understands gory. And he handles them with the delicate touch of a ...
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