Rebecca Duckro
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 262

When FBI agent, Drew Greer, arrives on Hilton Head Island, SC Attorney General Kate Guesswine must face the horrifying news that she and sister Courtney St James---the late night talk show guru of the occult and the mysterious---may be the intended victims of a serial killer. Kate must also deal with the persistent affection of her ex husband, Detective Justin McCreary and the demoniacal behavior of her father, Dr. Clifton Guesswine, while she struggles to gain control of her relationship with English professor, David Smithe. Scenic Hilton Head Island and Beaufort SC, the Gullah culture, Kate's motorhome and a charming hand built cottage are fresh ingredients for a menu of murder, romance, deception and intrigue!From The Last Coffin: "Asleep, the brain bypasses sounds that are familiar: the house settling, furnaces and refrigerators pumping on and off. But then like a giant Cyclops ...
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