Kimberly Rae
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 172

Have you ever wanted to ask...Where are You, God?Why are You letting this suffering continue?Don't You care?If you have, you're not alone. In Why Doesn't God Fix It? you will find chapters including:*Why Didn't Jesus Heal Everybody?*Illness and Depression*The If Onlys and What Ifs*When the Mountain Won't MoveJoin Kimberly Rae as she struggles through the hard questions about living with illness, and discover truths in God's Word that offer hope, peace, and joy.Includes Special Appendix:How Would Jesus Respond to Health & Wealth?Praise for Why Doesn't God Fix It? by readers like you:"The chapter on depression was excellent." -Shades of REaD Book Club"Great book...It will encourage many." - Bethany"I like the scripture references and the applications." - SueThis Christian book is part of the Sick & Tired Series. Other books in the series:You're Sick, They're Not - Relationship Help for ...
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