Tessa Escalera
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 206

When a peaceful meeting between kingdoms turns to bloodshed, one young princess must go on a quest to save her family.Aliyah is the eldest daughter of the elf king. She has a favorite spot beneath the willow tree outside her village, where she retreats whenever possible, trying to escape the chaos of her many siblings.But when her village hosts a group of humans who are not as peaceful as they seem, Aliyah, along with her mother and little sisters must flee the only home she’s ever known.When her mother and siblings are kidnapped, Aliyah is left with no choice but to follow. She soon faces self-doubt and the prejudice of those who hate her simply because she’s an elf.She can’t fail in her quest, or her family could die. But how is a young princess with no magic or weapons supposed to turn the tide of war?
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