Tish Davis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 173

Trista Mews, the daughter of missionaries, believes in always having a sunny disposition no matter what life throws at a person. And lately, life has thrown a lot her way. Even when she finds herself homeless and friendless in a new town she doesn’t allow circumstances to shake her faith. Help comes to her through a very kind, very old, godly gentleman. Uncle Oli gives her a small cottage on his estate just before he passes. The rest of his possessions are left to his nephew, Seth, including the grand manor that is filled with secrets. Being the curious person she is, Trista is determined to unravel every mystery. Unfortunately, Seth isn’t as welcoming as his Uncle Oli was. While he’s drawn to Trista’s joy and carefree attitude, he knows they can never have a future together. He fervently believes the men in his family are destined to be alone, and so far his life has proven ...
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