Nicholas Erik
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 211

The electric debut novel in the wild treasure-hunting sci-f series melding the ancient adventure of Indiana Jones with the mythos of Stargate SG-1 and a shot of Firefly!When space pirate Kip Keene crash lands in the Andes after millennia-long cryogenic deep sleep, he awakens to find an unfamiliar world threatened by an old friend. This former ally seeks a powerful Incan artifact that can fix their ruined space craft and return them home - with one problem.Activating the artifact will vaporize the Earth's atmosphere, killing all life on the planet within days. To save a planet he barely knows, Keene - with the help of rogue FBI Agent Samantha Strike, who has a personal stake in the matter - must uncover the secrets of the Lost City of the Incas before the world ends. But in saving this world, Keene might have to destroy his one chance of ever seeing home again. The Kip Keene series ...
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