Amber Geneva
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 222

Think outside the box – That is what Brenda Bloomington has come to face, having led a sheltered life, and coming from a very strict, devout Christian family. Her father, Reverend Robert Bloomington, is totally devoted to his profession, and has little time for his wife, Gale, or Brenda. For years, Brenda’s mother has harped to her daughter about finishing school and attending college before ever considering marriage. She doesn’t want Brenda to make the same mistakes she has. Brenda promises her mother that she will, but then Greg Townsend’s family moves to town, and Brenda is smitten by him almost immediately, but it is not until a few years later, when Brenda has matured into a pretty young woman, that Greg really notices her for the first time. It isn’t long, and Greg asks Brenda to marry him. When Gale learns of the engagement, she is furious and walks out on Brenda and ...
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