Lorraine Carey
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 132

The stars were aligned, the portals were ready and the chaos had begun. History meets mystery here, in this spine tingling tale of the Supernatural. Christina Ciccone will uncover a dark secret about herself that had been hidden for many years and embarks on an unbelievable journey she never signed up for. However, she was not ready to leave this lifetime. Raised in a strict Italian - American home, she was surrounded by love and pampered like a princess.So why had she experienced nightmares and panic attacks for so many years? What she didn’t know was that she had another family waiting for her from another lifetime. Christina recently graduated from high school and had big plans for college. While enjoying a trip to Rome with her history club, the nightmares return and she is faced with bizarre encounters while touring many of the ancient ruins, causing her to become ill. She is now ...
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