Aviva Gittle
Publisher: Aviva Gittle Publishing
Pages: 40

Snake looks so mean and tough! Can Kitten charm him into being his friend? You bet he can! You and your child will be very surprised by what a snake can learn from a kitten. —Colorful illustrations hold your child’s attention —Enjoyable to read out loud — over and over again!—Teaches children about diversity without preaching —Weaves facts about snakes into the story—Every book ends with a moral of the story—Paperback version includes free coloring pagesPraise for the “Kitten and Friends” series:“...shows children how to accept and work with each other's differences (and is not at all preachy in the way it does it.) I can't praise this book highly enough!” — Amazon Reviewer“...I like the “Kitten and friends” series for my young readers. The plots are both simple enough for them to follow and intriguing enough to hold their attention. Often they’ll ask ...
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