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Is it possible to let go of illusions instilled in you for several years? Is it possible to break free from fears and religious beliefs? Is it possible that the solid world around us is just a mirage? Can it be possible to transit into a world filled with transcendence, clairvoyants and spiritual mediums? Is it evil or is it fate? Can one run from their own fate? Learn how Katrina-Jane struggled to realize the absolute truth.This is the story of a remarkable struggle, a story that preaches the truth about reality. Illumined by belief, we often create a matrix of illusions for ourselves and spend our entire life in a podium of love and fear. The author of this book wants us to picture her struggle and tell us how she got rid of religious doctrines instilled in her for over 30 years. But it wasn’t simple for her, in the advent of breaking free from religious beliefs and indoctrination ...
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