Gretchen Jeannette
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 471

"A devilishly good novel." --The Kindle Book Review"This is adventure at the finest level.""One hell of a fulfilling read." --E-book Planet   Captain Niall McLane survives brutal captivity and the bloody American Revolution, only to face a darker threat to his future with the woman he loves. When Niall becomes a suspect in a grotesque murder, his reputation as a merciless Indian fighter and scalp hunter turns public opinion against him. Worse, the real killer has only begun to rampage, his sights set on those close to Niall.    Now the hunt for evil is on. Niall's only allies are Andrew Wade, a hopeless drunkard tormented by his act of cowardice, and Andrew's young wife, Clarice, whom Niall secretly adores. After another murder occurs, Niall manages to stay out of jail, but can he protect Clarice from the formidable creature prowling in their ...
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