Laura Burroughs
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 350

Fraternal twins, Anya and Harlie Fox, are lured to the uncharted island of Caminus under false pretenses. Before they even reach the island, their mysterious host sends them a map with a riddle scrawled on it in violet ink. They find themselves at the gates of Caminus Academy. That's when the teenagers' lives get complicated; they and their new friends possess some unpredictable, yet, extraordinary talents. They are in the midst of developing these talents and learning to use them when intruders infiltrate their academy. Espionage, kidnapping, and murder follow, and the twins are drawn into one of the oldest conflicts in human history. Anya and two of her classmates are thrust into a multidimensional trek "back in time" to retrieve a sacred artifact. It's up to Harlie, using his dangerously unpredictable talent, to get his sister and classmates back safely. The twins must reckon with ...
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