Michael L. Eads
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 45

In the fall of 1969, three brothers, Adam, Carl and Mark, venture out on Halloween night in what would be their last time trick-or-treating together. On the most sacred of all nights, these brothers will try almost anything in their relentless pursuit to acquire as much candy as they can during the Super Bowl of sugar bliss, Halloween.The oldest brother (Adam) creates a plan of attack that will allow them to retrieve the maximum amount of candy in the shortest period of time. Even though it’s a Friday night their father has set a 10 o’clock curfew which must be followed. To breach the curfew could result in all candy being confiscated and weeks of sugar withdrawal.On this Halloween night, the brothers encounter a few sweet old ladies and a grumpy old man that not only looks creepy, but also happens to live right next to the Cemetery. And if that isn’t scary enough they also encounter ...
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