CJ Rutherford
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 59

Within the shadow cast by Light, the Darkness grows.The Never. A universe of peace and plenty. A place where magic weaves its web throughout all reality, banishing conflict, sickness, and hunger. Teralia. A world where the races live in perfect peace and harmony, and the forces of Light prevail. But know this; light creates shadow, and within, the ancient enemy stirs, its slumber interrupted by the spark of jealousy. Evil enters an innocent heart, causing a downward spiral into corruption. The shadow dims the brightest love, twisting it to become the greatest threat in the history of the universe. As this world, and the font of magic it holds turns to darkness, the Great One, Olumé, faces a desperate choice. Make the ultimate sacrifice, or allow his brother Tenybris devour all life, everywhere.Could you decide between life, love, and death...or something infinitely ...
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