Antwan Floyd Sr.
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 157

I enjoyed this thriller, it had a twisty plot, a shaded palate of believable characters from a broad range of backgrounds, emotional grit, action...Dope Fiction: Alpha Female by Author Antwan Floyd Sr. is not your average story. I would classify this book as being in the crime & suspense/thriller genre. Mr. Floyd’s word choice enhances each aspect of this description. Cheyenne (Ms. Revenge): She is out for blood, and once you are in her presence it is usually too late. Danesha (Ms. Narcissistic): She was so self-centered and thought that no harm could come to her. She felt because of where she came from and the profession she is in that she has the best of both worlds. I wonder what is going to happen to her since it can all come crashing down because of careless actions and tarnished relationships.Mr. Floyd managed to twist and turn only to bring all of the pieces together to weave ...
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