Lynette Sowell
ASIN: B00P02F76K
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 75

When Gwynn Michaud's spruce tree is chosen to be the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, she's delighted. Her late husband's family had planted the tree when he was but a boy. Gwynn's delight turns to surprise when her adult children give her a special Christmas gift -- a trip from New Hampshire to the Big Apple for the tree lighting. She's the guest of her daughter's former college roommate, a Manhattan attorney, and the woman's curmudgeonly father. Theophilus Stellakis keeps his routines like clockwork and isn't into big and loud Christmas celebrations, with all the trimmings. Yet Gwynn's presence in his life, even for a short time, disrupts his world in a most pleasant way. Gwynn's passion for art is rekindled in the city. However, Christmas romance isn't always enough to last the rest of the year, let alone a lifetime. Or, is it?
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